Can You Paint Brick Houses?

Posted on August 1, 2013

If your brick house is in serious need of a “face-lift”, then you could consider painting over it. However, it is important to note that there are certain things you must do to prevent damage to the surface of your home. In the following sections, we’ll show you how to paint brick houses in a non-damaging and efficient manner.

Why Do People Choose to Paint Brick?

There are many different reasons for why someone would want to paint their brick house. Perhaps the most common reason is because their brick as become damaged and is suffering in regards to quality. White stains and discolored areas are quite prominent on brick houses and this can really take away from the visual appeal associated with your home.

If your brick appears to be in good condition then you should consider keeping it the way it is. Remember that once you commit to painting it, you’ll need to regularly maintain it. Properly prepping and panting a brick house can save you a lot of time and maintenance later on down the road.

Preparing and Painting Brick

A lot of the times, you can remove brick stains with a stuff brush. If this doesn’t work then you could opt to use muriatic acid (make sure that it’s diluted quite a bit). When working with acid, make sure that you wear gloves as well as other forms of protection. Gently rub the acid on the areas of the brick that are discolored.

After this, use a scraper and widen any cracks that you see. Remove any dust or foreign debris from the cracks using some kind of powered vacuum device. Next, use acrylic caulk and seal these cracks as thoroughly as possible. From here, it should be relatively simple to paint over your brick house using any color paint that you choose.