Cool House Painting Ideas and Trends

Posted on August 10, 2014

Woman paint wall at home.If you are looking to bring some flare into your home, it may be time to start considering a paint job. Cool House Painting Ideas and Trends can make your home as colorful and vibrant as you want by simply adding a touch a color to the various rooms in your house,  such as the living room, den or even your bedroom. There are many things that you can do in your home to liven it up and and give it a style that all of your friends will be talking about and attempting to mimic in their own homes.

1. Paint Your Floor A Beautiful Patchwork Pattern

The floor of your home can become a great focal point.  Once you clean the floor of the space you intend to paint, use tape to make small squares that are inches apart before painting and paint using a variety of colors that you love. All you need to use are a couple of cans of latex and waterproof paint to make the patchwork colored quilt of your choice.

2. Use an Oversized Pattern To Bring Some Drama Into A Room

To give a room of your home a one-of-a-kind look without needing to add some wallpaper, an oversized pattern of your choice is the perfect way to go. Take out a few pieces of paper and start designing! You can never go wrong with a floral theme or even a modern Asian theme on your walls. Once you come up with your design take some tracing paper to trace the design and transfer your creation to the walls of your home.

3. Add Stripes To Your Bathroom To Make It Look Bigger

Whenever you use horizontal stripes in a small room, you will help to give the appearance of a room that has its walls pushed out, making that room look much larger than it actually is. When choosing colors for a small room make sure, you use two colors that will compliment each other well. Then you will want to use the lighter of the two colors as your base color and make sure that you apply two coats to the stripes to make them pop.

4. Add Some Plant Life To Your Walls

Have you ever wondered how to capture the beauty of your outside space in the interior of your home.   Well, by simply adding some plant life to the walls can make a room feel like and indoor forest or garden. Have fun adding tree branches in a shade lighter than your walls, as it can help your room feel warm  without being overbearing.

5.  Add an Accent Wall

If you are looking to make a dramatic statement; use an accent wall to change the look for a room.  Paint the room green, for example and then do a deep red accent wall.  This will draw attention to the wall where you can highlight a beautiful sculpture or piece of artwork.  An accent wall can take a room from ordinary to extraordinary.

Adding some cool house painting trends and designs to your home can help make your home modern. There are hundreds of different ideas that you can do use such as adding your personal pattern to the walls or adding stripes to a room to make it feel larger than it really is. Be creative and bring your home to life with part paint and part imagination.