Going Green On A Budget

Posted on April 13, 2013

It's a common misconception that "Going Green" is a costly endeavor. You can start with... ...a can of paint. Most paint manufacturers offer affordable solutions. V.O.C's (volatile organic compounds) are the gases that are emitted from certain paints. If you read the labels carefully you will see whether or not the product contains V.O.C's. You want to avoid products that don't have a green leaf on their label. Most low V.O.C paints cost on ...

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Tips for Wallpaper Removal

Posted on March 3, 2013

Most wallpapers that are installed properly can come off easily with these tips and tricks. Patience is the key! Recommended Items: 5 in 1 6" Putty knife Tiger paw Garbage bags Pump Sprayer (Garden Sprayer) Diff or chomp wall paper removal cloth drop sheets Best practices : Soak the entire surface with warm water and a pump sprayer. Be careful around sensitive items as you work your way around the room I.E. electrical outlets, ...

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