New Year, New Paint! 2015 Color Trends for Your Home

Posted on December 31, 2014

Painting of an empty wall. Renovation home. 3D illustrationIs your house begging for a face-lift? Are you tired of those out-of-date colors on your walls? Get ready to bring in the New Year with some bright new amazing color trends for your home with Green Pro Painting in Greenville, SC.

As 2015 comes ringing in, it is also bringing some changes in the color trends that we use to beautify our homes. The color trends for your home can have a dramatic effect on how each room makes you feel. The colors of a room can have a profound effect on how you feel or perceive the world around you. In many senses, the color trends for your home are a balancing act to create the feel and flow that you desire.

As 2015 brings in new color trends for your home, it is important to decide how you want your home to make you feel. Do you want to inspire a tropical paradise, a down-to-earth country cabin or just create your own unique space? Knowing what the 2015 home color trends have in store for you are an important factor in deciding your home’s new look and feel.

One of the most notable features being that, bright and bold colors are at the front line of beautification. Yet, so are our beloved neutrals. The long and the short of it is this – it depends on the room and how you want it to feel.

For bedrooms, the colors that incite deep peacefulness are deep, rich hues of Greek Blue, Liaison Purple, Essential Teal, Your Majesty Purple, Seared Gray and even Heritage Oak.

For living areas, the 2015 runway featured classic colors that are being given new life, such as shades of orange and olive green. Even the classic versions of green and blue are being given new life, not to mention shades of sour green.

For those who are still not brave enough to jump on the vibrant and bold color trends for your home, barely-there pastels are also making a comeback in a whole new way. Pastels are no longer restricted to the nursery, but they are now being combined with modern accents to create an amazingly unique space that is not too pale or too bright. Try combining pale pink walls with a contrasting olive green or sunshine yellow for accents. Your options are limited only by your own creativity.

Another growing trend that is sure to make a big splash in 2015 home color trends is bright feature walls. With so many bold colors being thrown on the 2015 palette, many people are choosing to showcase their bright side with a colorful feature wall that is toned-down by the surrounding wall colors. Having a white dining room with one wall brightly portraying a vivid color, such as teal blue or a toned-down orange is sure to create an amazing focal point and conversation piece.

For those who are still in doubt, organic neutrals and our favorite grays are still in the running for2015’s home color trends. Your kitchen will look as spicy as ever with calm mocha colored walls and mulled wine accents. Even your front room or den will look as fresh as ever with soft gray walls and chocolate or charcoal accent colors.

Your home is an extension of who you are, as the 2015 New Year rolls in, make sure that your home receives the face-lift that it deserves by checking out the 2015 color trends for your home with Green Pro Painting in Greenville, SC.