How Painting Your House Protects Your Family

Posted on August 5, 2014

Painter using a paint rollerA new coat of quality paint for one’s home is one of the best investments one can make. Not only does a new coat of exterior paint instantly increase the value of the home up to 10% and help to improve the appearance of the entire block, but it also seals and protects the painted surfaces from weather damage.

Sealing the exterior and interior surfaces of the home with a new coat of paint discourages rot, mold, and mildew; creating a safer and healthier environment for one’s family and guests. The solid fresh seal also deters pests like termites, while halting the progression of any damage that may have already occurred. Unsealed exterior surfaces of wood are also known to warp over time, bringing actual structural damage to the joints and joists, and encouraging the home to shift and twist.

There have even been reports of homes that literally whistled during brisk winds, which no longer whistled after receiving a new coat of quality paint. The wind created a spooky whistling sound while rushing past exposed splinters, unsealed window sills, and unsealed corners of the exterior surface of the home. The new paint filled in the cracks and crevices, resulting in no more whistles along with the additional benefit of eliminating drafts that were entering the home.

Newly painted exterior and interior surfaces are also protected from the naturally occurring dust and microscopic debris that are released as ultraviolet rays of the sun along with weather changes dissolve the binding elements of paint and primer over time.

Exterior and interior surfaces of plaster and plaster-board are particularly susceptible to decay over time. Since plaster is naturally absorbent, it subtly expands and contracts in response to cycles of humidity, cold, and heat and dries out the paint and the supporting primer, which eventually crumbles into tiny microscopic particles of binders and resins. These microscopic particles and dust are often the root or contributing factors of allergy problems for inhabitants of the home, and they may indeed be unhealthy or even dangerous to ingest.

Many people have noticed a dramatic improvement in the air quality of their home after the walls have been re-sealed by a new coat high quality low or no volatile organic compound (VOC) paint. So, it is by far healthier to keep interior and exterior walls sealed for the health of the family as well as securing the structure of the home.

A freshly painted home makes the residents psychologically feel better as well. The fresh colors can bring a new feeling of wholeness to the home that will reflect in the moods and temperaments of the inhabitants. In fact, the fresh exterior colors of a newly painted home have been known to brighten the mood of neighbors as well.

There are few single improvements to a home that can be made, which are able to produce as many encompassing positive effects to the inhabitants of the home. When one also factors the sustenance that is achieved by securing the structural well-being of the home along with the increased monetary value of that home, the benefits become substantially more attractive.

Furthermore, the extended positive effects upon the neighborhood and environment confirm the assertion that a new coat of high quality paint adds up to a worthy investment. Painting one’s home is indeed one of the wisest investments one can make.