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Often times, “painting” requires much more than brushes and rollers. In fact, older homes or offices require a wide range of skill sets to ensure that a wall, ceiling or exterior paint job have that picture perfect finish. Rather than hiring a separate business or contractor to come out and take care of replacing studs, installing drywall, laying wood flooring or other types of work, our customers are often delighted to find out that Green Pro is licensed and skilled in a wide range of service areas beyond just painting.

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When a job requires more than standard painting expertise, here are some of the additional services we can provide for our customers:

  • Wallpaper Removal

    Trust us, this is not a job for an inexperienced DIYer. For the uninitiated, there is only one thing more frustrating and stressful than removing old wallpaper: painting over old wallpaper and then realizing that you are soon going to have to remove the new paint and the old wallpaper. Green Pro has the specialty tools and experience to get the job done right the first time, so let us remove that ugly old wallpaper for you!

  • Drywall Installation & Repair

    Unfinished walls and ceilings? Cracked plaster? Buckled walls? No problem! Whether you need minor patch work or full drywall installation, Green Pro can make your walls and ceilings look fabulous from the inside out. We even do Venetian plaster!

  • Carpentry

    Ready to replace those old cabinets? What about paint touch-ups after the new ones are hung? We’ve got you covered. From installing molding to replacing studs and floor joists, our professional team can help with your remodeling project.

  • Painter for a Day

    We have experts on our staff with a wide range of skills. With our Painter for a Day Service, we send an expert contractor for up to eight hours in order to take care of those small jobs you may not have time to see to.

    Have you ever felt like there is always something that needs done around the house, yet you don’t necessarily have time to take care of it? GreenPro can help! While painting is the biggest part of our business, we offer several other services that can help knock out some of the items on your “honey-do” list.

    With our Painter for a Day service, one of our qualified, professional painting contractors will come to your home to take care of these odd jobs. Don’t spend another day bothered by that ugly wallpaper or trim that needs repainting. Give Green Pro one day so you can refocus on the things you love about your home!

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